About Me

I love to love, and I love to laugh.
I’m passionate, sincere and try to be as honest as humanly possible.
I am stubborn (not hard-headed – there’s a difference) get that from my momma too, lol.
I’m not extremely sensitive, but I AM extremely emotional.
but im too proud to let just anybody see that side.
Im quiet and shy.….til you get to really know me.
I keep friends few, family close, and enemies just in
view. I seldom let anyone in my personal world and
space…if I do, you must be someone Xtra darn special
to me.
I am compassionate and forgiving,
but there are somethings in life I don’t tolerate from
anyone and if you cross those lines.
I wont hesitate to X that negativity from my life – it is
just too draining to hold on to something or someone
who is trying selfishly to drain your personal light from